Value Preposition

gtipayyGTiPay mobile is a mobile banking platform with advanced features, a sophiscated  application that can run independently, or be partnered with financial institutions to provide customers with instant access to their money instantly 24/7..
Our system provides a safe, easy-to-use, and instant method for managing your money.  In addition, the GTiPay app makes it easy to transfer money across countries, in any currency.
The Card and or cardless  transfer system provides cost effective payment solutions via secure, fast, efficient payment gateways where recipients can collect funds through local ATMs just by using their mobile devices.
Benefits of Our Platform:
  • - International Remittances Corridor
  • - Mobile Banking Functions:
    • - Onboarding
    • - P2P, P2B, B2B payments
    • - Utility Bill Pay & Settlements
    • - Micro Finance Banking Functions
    • - Rapid Account Adoption
    • - Rural Outreach Programs
  • - Retail/Commercial POS Transactions
  • - Agency Banking Option