GTiPay Security

security Mobile App. Security
SMS encryption (3DES2) Symmetric Encryption and Decryption Each SIM is assigned a unique key, Transaction ID Generated at SIM level Mobile App. messages are protected by encryption Mobile App. transaction does not work unless MSISDN is registered
Web Application Security
Login ID and password authentication ,IP address authentication Time of day and days of week based login control Role based authentication and HTTPS for secure transmission Forced password change every ‘n’ days and Forced session idle timeout
Fraud Checking
Automated barring on failed attempts exceeding threshold System bars customers after a defined number of repeated unsuccessful top-up attempts Configurable block period in between two successful transactions. The objective of setting a time gap is to track and identify abnormal transaction requests Upper limit on the transaction amount permissible in a day
Mobile Access Security
Barring Users and Channel users Subscribers for P2P transactions PIN based access Forced changed of PIN on 1st request Forced changed of PIN on a periodic basis