How it Works

1. By Use of the USSD Short-Code/downloading the Mobile banking application, users are registered on the GTiPay Platform.
2. They are then given an account that is linked to their phone number as well as to a GTiPay Mobile banking card that can be used at any GTiPay –enabled POS, Agent/vendor, or retailer around any location.
3.Using secure, cryptographic algorithms, users can load cash onto their mobile device and card at any authorized vendor. Those with existing banks that are partnered with GTiPay can link the app directly to their account.
4. GTiPay Mobile Bankingdoes not rely on the security of the networks but provides additional security layers and fraud detection capabilities. Redundant layers of security ensures you and your customers do not lose money.
5. Using the Smart, intuitive interface users can transact (pay accounts and services) with anyone who is registered on the GTiPay Mobile banking network.
6. Transactions are instant and can be done in any country with any currency.
It’s the Smart Way To Send Money.